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CSAH Trophy Class Hunting

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Canadian Trophy Class Grand Slam Hunting Experience.

CSAH Monster MooseOn his first hunt with us, noted bowhunter Ralph Cianciarulo of Archers Choice coined the term, ' Manitoba Monsters.' His excitement was genuine and it became the start of a long-term friendship with Moose Hunting North and added a new buzz word to the outfitting industry. 'Manitoba Monsters' and Moose Hunting North has consistently lived up to the promise of that first visit, as they have taken MANY monster animals with us over the years, including Vicki's first B&C and Ralph's huge cinnamon bear. Since that first visit, many others have experienced the same thrills.

What makes 'Manitoba Monsters?' Start with an area so remote, so wild, so untouched, these animals have thrived for centuries. Add in lush terrain and habitat, creating an ecosystem where these animals can grow to record-book size. 200 miles from the Northernmost road, they have never felt pressure and most have never seen a human being. Our incredible exclusive allocation of over 5,000,000 acres and conservation management guarantees it will stay special and pristine forever. We are truly one of the last remote places in this world for you to experience hunting of this caliber.

Monster CaribouMonster Moose
A vast and unexplored area where some of the largest Canadian moose in North America thrive. The habitat is prime moose country with hundreds of miles of lake and river. As amazing as it is, it will only get better as several recent burns have produced even more prime habitat.

• Largest moose taken 66" spread
• Average spread 54"
• 8 moose over 60" taken
• Success averages 75-85%

Monster Caribou
One of the best-kept secrets in North American hunting. North America's healthiest caribou herd with over 400,000 animals, An incredible experience for Central Barren ground caribou.

• Largest bull taken 402 B&C
• Average score 335 B&C
• Excellent terrain for bow hunting
• Only 500 licenses offered for a herd of 400,000 animals

Monster Fishing
Everything up here is amazingly large! The fishing rivals the hunting, making a great hunt even more incredible. Trophy pike, lake trout, walleye, and arctic grayling abound here.

• Pike up to 35 lbs or 50+ inches
• Lake trout up to 50 lbs
• Big, fat Walleye average 24" up to 32"
• Manitoba's largest arctic grayling

Monster Pike