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CSAH Northern Manitoba terrain

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The Terrain.

'A Unique Combo - The Best of Two Worlds'

Moose Hunting North is unique, offering two starkly different choices, with two vastly different worlds within a mere sixty miles of each other. From the wooded boreal forest to the stark desolate beauty of the tundra, Moose Hunting North opens the best of Northern Manitoba up to you.

Through it all weaves countless sand eskers running from South to North and a spider web of lakes, rivers, and drainages. The Robertson Esker, Manitoba's largest and most famous, runs over 120 miles through our area stretching into Nunavut. These eskers are superhighways for game and you will see the tracks of all as you fly overhead. Animals for centuries have migrated these structures and the ancient patterns continue to this day.

Moose, bear and wolf thrive in the boreal forest. The myriad of interconnected lakes and rivers in the North Seal River system wind through this area, before a final push to Hudson Bay. To the North, the Barrengrounds are the Land of the caribou, wolf and ptarmigan. The calving grounds of the vast Kaminuriak herd sits merely 200 miles to the North and pours through this area as it slowly makes it way to its wintering grounds south of the North Seal. This tundra features a smattering of trees, just enough to create incredible areas for excellent spot and stalk opportunities.

All hunting areas offer excellent grounds for walking with large, protected waterways to bring you within yards of each trophy. It is beautiful country, built for world-class hunting, and one you will never forget.