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Caribou of Nunavut

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Premier Ptarmigan & Wolf Hunts.

Grey Wolf

Hunting for Large Northern Manitoba Wolves:

A fantastic bonus to hunting in Manitoba is the availability of wolf hunting. Our Manitoba wolves have varied coloring from your typical grey coat to cream & tan, white and even black.

White wolf caughtA wolf can be taken on any unfulfilled Big game license (moose, caribou, bear) without filling the license. There are lots of wolves in our area and many of our hunters have excellent opportunities. Several are taken every year and these animals can grow up to 175 lbs. They make impressive mounts and amazing rugs and a much sought-after trophy. Definitely a great bonus to your hunting experience.

White wolf caughtWhite WolfOur hunting method for wolves are either spot and stalk opportunity as they follow the caribou herd, on bear baits, or off moose carcasses.



Ptarmigan Hunting:

The tundra we hunt has a good population of ptarmigan. Many of our hunters have a great time pursuing these birds after their main hunt is complete. This is bird hunting like you've never experienced. Many mornings, our caribou camp is awakened to the sounds of the ptarmigan right outside their tents.

PtarmiganIn September, the birds are making a colorful transition from summer to winter colors and make a spectacular mount. A combination of winter white and bright mottled belly, they are an exclusive Northern treat. Ptarmigan populations are cyclical from year to year. For that reason, we keep licenses at each caribou camp which can be purchased should you choose to hunt ptarmigan (Daily limit 10, Possession limit - 20) .