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Hunting trip packages

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2020 Rates & Packages

2020 Canadian Trophy Grand Slam Super Combo** -
Caribou/Moose/Ptarmigan/Fishing Combo -

{ 14 day trip } 13+ days hunting -
Sept. 12- 26 . . . $ 19,995
from Thompson, Manitoba / 2 on 1*
Trophy fees are no charge on first caribou;  $ 1500 on second caribou

2020 Central Barrenground Caribou/Fishing/Ptarmigan -
{ 7 day trip } 6 days hunting - Sept. 12-19
Hunt Price - $ 8595 2 on 1*

Trophy fees are no charge on first caribou;  $ 1500 on second caribou 
(license is separate)
from Thompson, Manitoba

2020  Moose/Fishing -
{ 7 day trip } NOW 6.5 days hunting -
Sept. 19-26 and 26- Oct. 3. . . . $ 12,195
from Thompson / 2 on 1 / Add $1500 for 1 on 1*

* Fish/Companion $4495

Monster Canadian Grand Slam Combo


Black bear license may also be purchased.
There is NO LIMIT on the amount of game meat each hunter may bring back
Racks will NOT be split
Game meat, capes, and racks from Fall hunts will travel back to Winnipeg with hunter
Caribou hunters may be moved if caribou not present and circumstances allow.
No Draws necessary, licenses guaranteed and are allocated annually.


Manitoba Residents*
Barrenground Caribou Hunting -
call for dates and details

PRICE - Call For Details
(license and taxes are not included)

* Manitoba residents must purchase caribou tags on their own.

* All licenses, taxes, trophy fees, etc are extra.



All prices US funds. A deposit of 40% due within 7 days of booking. Bookings made more than 1 year prior to trip require a $1000 deposit. Balance due two months prior to trip. All hunts 2 on 1 guiding unless otherwise noted. 1 on 1 available. Licenses and taxes extra. Licenses are allocated to Moose Hunting North and NOT on a draw. All meals, accommodations, guide, plane flights from originating town and return, and boat/motor/gas are included. Travel planners online and also sent out 6 months prior to hunt. We strongly recommend the purchase of trip insurance. All payments are non-refundable. We ask one caribou quarter per hunter be donated to local communities. A credit card will be kept on file for processing caribou trophy fees. Meat not taken by hunters is property of Moose Hunting North. Hunters limited to total of 85 lbs. of luggage per person. Wounded animals can be considered a kill at our discretion.

Moose Hunting North Fly-In Lodges. North Seal River Lodge, and Outfitter's Air make every effort to satisfy our guests. We will assume no responsibility or liability for any hazard of any kind, associated with these trips. Neither is any obligation or responsibility assumed for any political, meteorological, climatic, mechanical, or other circumstances or for the actions of transportation companies, contractors, or other principals for which Moose Hunting North, Outfitters, NSRL, or Ganglers contracts. Guests who miss our charter are responsible for their own transportation to camps. Prices may be changed without notice. We reserve the right to add a surcharge for extreme fuel and FX fluctuations.