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Caribou of Nunavut

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Manitoba Monsters!
Manitoba Residents Caribou Hunting.

CaribouResident of Manitoba are blessed with an opportunity to hunt one of Canada's finest caribou herds in their home province. We offer two different scenarios for Resident hunts. The first option is our Dyker Lake camp, situated specifically in an ideal setting for caribou hunting. The lake is long and narrow, stretching over 12 miles, specially picked for hunting the barrenlands. It offers excellent wind protection from the fall winds which can make traveling larger, wide-open tundra waters impossible. There are several funnel areas crossing the lake, huge trails and eskers running on both sides of the lake. There is excellent ground for walking and enough timber spread throughout the local terrain for excellent bow hunting opportunities. Local fishing includes Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Arctic Grayling (catch and release except for shore lunch).

caribouThe Dyker camp site sits in a protected bay on an elevated sand esker ridge. Hunters can glass for miles right from the camp and there are major migration trails right next to the camp. It's beautiful, picturesque setting and great hunting steps from your tent. The camp consists of wall tents set-up comfortably with wood stoves. A freezer and generator are onsite. The camp manager is there to make sure everything runs smoothly. All kitchen supplies are included . There are three 14' and 12' aluminum boats. The food is provided and excellent. Guests are responsible for all cooking, cleaning, and are self-guided. (Licenses are the responsibility of the hunter. ) All meat will be flown back to Thompson as part of your trip.

caribou camp 3 men with racksThe second scenario is at our fixed camps on No-Name and Courage Lakes. These camps are primarily used by our non-resident hunters but are available in early and late season time slots. The terrain and fishing are the same, offering a tremendous caribou hunt.

Meat and horns will be ferried to our main lodge where the meat can be hung or frozen. Guests are allowed 80 lbs. on the flight into camp. Both caribou and all meat will be flown back to Thompson.

There are no other resident caribou hunts that compare. With Moose Hunting North, you get an on-site outfitter with a 34 year reputation as one of Canada's finest outfitter and the infrastructure to ensure a top-notch hunt. Our airstrip , located 80 miles away at the main lodge, is over 5400' long and we always have 2-3 floatplanes onsite.

At Moose Hunting North, we make our living providing the finest in Manitoba fishing and hunting trips. We sell top-notch hunts with no hidden extras, ensuring you a worry free trip. You will guarantee your caribou hunt will be the best it can be by choosing Moose Hunting North, Manitoba's finest outfitter.

*** Manitoba residents must purchase caribou tags on their own.