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Monster Trophy Moose of Manitoba

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Manitoba Monsters!
Canada's Finest Trophy Moose Hunts!

Moose PartyWhat better epitomizes a great Canadian hunt than the pursuit of Trophy Moose? Moose Hunting North offers some of the largest Canadian moose in all of Canada and one of the best values.

Our remote area is home to HUGE bulls. Our average spread is 54" and we have taken a MONSTROUS 66" (205 B&C) and 7 others breaking the 60" mark. Every year we take moose in the high 50s. It doesn't get any better than this.

moose racksOur terrain consists of a vast region of 5,000,000 acres with over 12 rivers and a hundred lakes. This area is exclusively ours and located almost 200 miles from the closest road. No other outfitters hunt this area and we have practiced careful conservation methods since we first opened it. This mix of lakes and river, boreal forest, swamp plus the various forest fires which have run through the area have created the ideal habitat for big moose. We hunt from a variety of camps, ranging from our plush outpost camps to tent camps.

We choose the camp per the situation and utilize vast area to constantly rotate hunts year to year. Camps hold from 1 - 3 hunters per camp and we rarely mix parties, giving you a truly customized hunt. This enables us to put you in the best situation possible for your quest for deer family's largest member. Most of these animals have never seen a human, offering truly virgin hunting grounds.

Moose Trophy


Success runs 70 - 85 % , varying from year to year, and opportunity is 85%. We hunt by boat, traveling to different areas by water, and repetitively calling, in order to lure one to the water's edge. We hunt mornings and evenings although schedules may vary based on lake size and conditions. Hunting moose is like hunting a ghost and when they appear, they stand 8' at the shoulder and weigh over 1200 lbs. Many hunters have frozen in shock at the first sighting of such a massive animal.

This is Canadian Trophy moose hunting at its finest, offering a class of animal that can rival at times Alaska or the Yukon for size. Very few Canadian destinations can say that. We must warn you, our moose hunting is addictive and several of our hunters are returning for their fifth trip with us.

Our monster moose hunts have been featured on North America Hunter TV.Moose head