Nothing epitomizes the classic Canadian hunt like a moose hunt. Hours of calling, stalking and waiting, while in pursuit of a Northern behemoth. It can resemble hunting a ghost and the guides depend on their knowledge and gut feelings of where to hunt for these animals. Hard to believe something so huge can stay so easily hidden. When they finally appear, everything can happen very quickly, and the hunter must be on top of their game. It is the ultimate, ‘adrenaline rush.’

We have a handful of moose hunts left for our 2022 season. In 2019, we took possibly the two largest Canadian moose in North central Canada with a 65.25” monster by Bill Eurice and a 64” by George Cutbirth.  Rarely are Canadian moose ever seen to that size, never does one operation produce TWO in the same season. Our areas have sat almost untouched since then. Our overall average is 55” and every second year we seem to pass 60”. What’s even more amazing is we still have several areas in our 5,000,000 acre allocation that still sit untouched and un-hunted. We explored a couple of these areas in 2019 and they produced some big moose. We can’t wait to explore more in 2022!

 If your dream is a classic Canadian moose hunt, you are in luck, we still have a handful left for 2022.  Give us a call or dropping us an email and we will make that wish come true… they will not last long.