In the farthest reaches of Northern Manitoba, lies a vast wilderness that boasts some of the finest hunting for the largest Canadian moose in North America. It is called the North Seal River watershed and it is located in the Northernmost reaches of Northern Manitoba, 700 miles North of the US/Canadian border.

This area is a vast 5,000,000 acres with 12 river systems and over 100 lakes. It is our exclusive allocation, and it is only accessible by plane, being 200 miles from the closest road. Some of the biggest Canadian moose in Canada are taken here, with our record at 66” wide and almost 3 dozen 60” or bigger. The average spread is 54” and success runs around 75%.

Our camps range from modern cabins to spike tent camps. Travel is by boat and plane. You can hunt the same day you fly in Manitoba. Our hunting situations are extremely personalized and usually host 1-2 hunters per camp. All camps are at least 5-10 miles apart. Our guests fly in from Thompson, Manitoba, easily accessible by paved highway or commercial air. We allow hunters to take up to 400 lbs. of meat back. There are also excellent opportunities for black bear and other species.


What’s really exciting is we have at least a dozen areas we have identified in our allocation that have NEVER been hunted and boast great potential. In 2023, we will be setting tent camps up on some of these lakes to access this incredible potential. Anyone out there interested in hunting PRIME moose country, in a land rarely before hunted and proven to hold Canadian moose up to 66”? Give us a call as we still have a handful of hunts still available for 2023 and 2024. If you are looking for a chance at a really big Canadian moose in a small, personalized setting, this is the hunt for you!