Only a handful of areas in Canada consistently produce really huge Canadian moose. For over 20 years, our area of Northern Manitoba has produced some of the biggest Canadian moose on record. These are ‘true’ Canadian moose, or know as Western Canadian to some. Our trophies are not members of the Alaska/Yukon subspecies which have drifted south of the 60th parallel, these are true Canadians. With that said, being successful on any moose hunt is a feat to be recognized. For size, it also depends on the physical make up of the rack, as we have seen some 45” racks which are absolutely spectacular. Any Canadian moose approaching 50” or better is the trophy of a lifetime. But a 60” Canadian moose is simply world-class, representative of the very top pinnacle of the subspecies.  Very few areas in Canada produce this class of animal consistently. Since we began opening our areas in 1998, CSAH has consistently produced 60” moose with the largest a 66”. Some years we do not take a 60, some years we have taken as many as three. We would estimate we have taken over two dozen 60” or better moose since we opened and dozens  55”-59”. We feel there are several key factors that set us part.

  1. Our area has the genetics to produce moose 60” or bigger.
  2. Our area is immense, over 5 million acres.
  3. Our area is one of the most remote in North America, almost 200 miles from the closest road, with no other lodges, concessions, or communities.
  4. Our area sat virtually un-hunted until we developed it.
  5. We have carefully managed the area since opening it, rotating areas with several prime areas still never explored.

Moose hunting is never a guarantee but our success rates are excellent.   While we would never recommend booking a hunt trying to get a 60”,  you will know you have chosen an area that has consistently produced some of the biggest Canadians taken year after year.