An unusually mild Fall , breaking all the norms,  became an excellent year.  Hunting North finished the season with 13 moose taken for 16 hunters. One unsuccessful hunter had several opportunities he declined. That would translate into 81% success, 88% opportunity. The other two hunters hunted over sign but no opportunities. The biggest was not one but two 58” with several others in the 50s. Three moose were taken by bow, the largest just over 50” (we were 75% success on bow) . One moose was seen estimated at over 60” but not taken. One group of three from Texas went 3 for 3 with the three ranging from 53”-58”.  The average spread was over 50”. Two black bear were taken, one a big cinnamon, the other a big black measuring over 7’ 4”. The scary part was the hunter and guide with the 7’ 4” said they saw two others that were even bigger.

A great season and an unusual one as we only experienced one frost prior to finishing. We will have several stories to share over the coming months and pro hunter Joe Thomas will feature his hunt on American Archer on the Outdoor Channel.